Autonomy Management is an Artist Development and Campaign Management company offering a bespoke tailor-made service across our four management divisions.

We look after every aspect of a project from A&R and recording, to marketing and distribution. We combine our years of relevant experience to create engaging and award-winning campaigns. We are all music lovers who are not afraid of telling it like it is to get the very best out of our projects and from our clients. Successful campaigns depend on many factors. We plan for success.


We cover all areas of the music industry, and like to think we can give you constructive advice on pathways for your career and campaign. In simple terms: we do everything a good label and management company would do, and more. We devise strategies, build teams and execute campaigns around artists and their music.




We love digital media and the opportunities it opens for artists. We may  live and breathe in the digital world but we  understand the real world.
It is that understanding that drives us to deliver tangible and meaningful digital and social media results for artists, labels, and promoters. We have developed, tried & tested goal-orientated digital strategies that generate sales, streams, awareness and long lasting fans. And we collect data that tells you exactly what you’ve achieved and what to do next. We realise that every client has different objectives so we can be flexible with our services. These include  digital advertising, social media management and consultancy to get the best results for your available budget. 
Strong creative assets are also essential to the success of a digital campaign, They are  the fuel that drives the efficiency of your advertising budgets and engagement numbers. We work with our in house creative team to make sure every message is striking and effective.


Autonomy Creative has become Girlfriend Creative. Our strategic partnership with partners Kate and Anna (both ex Autonomy Creative) is an exciting development as creative content becomes ever more integral to individual campaigns. People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Our creative always starts with the ‘why’. We take the time to understand the artist messaging behind the music, why you do what you do and what you want to say. All creative decisions lead back to the artist’s intentions and their ‘why’ messaging. We appreciate that the most successful results come from thorough preparation and communication. We immerse ourselves in the world of the artist, and help communicate that world to an audience. With our phenomenal creative collaborators at Girlfriend we can translate your artist’s vision into exceptional and authentic visual content which is creatively interesting and delivered with purpose. A typical campaign moves from an initial brief through first steps, styling and aesthetics, production and finding the right team. We then execute the ideas, constructing creative visuals and documents, on-the-day creative direction, and social media consultations so that we are involved at every stage.




Autonomy Management is a modern day artist management company. We represent all aspects of our artists’ output with our aim always to build sustainable long term careers. We are hands-on, and devise and execute creative strategies on their behalf. Current and recent management clients include Damien Dempsey, Feeder, Interlopers, Joseph Washbourn, David Ford, Rosa Cecilia, Tamaraebi, Lucy Spraggan, Starsailor.


We work to deliver a totally transparent and truly global distribution facility to ensure your music is available in all the right places both digitally online and physically. We are able to co-ordinate your release strategy to help pitch and secure store features and playlist additions on streaming services.

We have worked successfully in the A&R sector for a number of years. Our aim is always to create the best recordings for our artists – whether that’s single songs or albums. At the heart of every piece of music is the artist, but we are always very aware of the current market, the media, and the potential audience.

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