What We Do



At Autonomy we provide a tailor-made service to each of our clients, whether label, artist, manager, or music-related brand. Some call this a ‘virtual label service’, or ‘product management’. But we see ourselves as an Artist Development and Campaign Management company. We look after every aspect of a project from A&R, recording to distribution. We recognise that every project is unique and requires special attention. We combine our years of relevant experience at the centre of some of the music industry’s biggest labels to create campaigns tailored to your requirements. We are all music lovers who are not afraid of telling it like it is to get the very best out of our projects and clients. Successful campaigns depend on many factors. We plan for success!


Commonly known as label services, campaign management is slightly wider in scope. At Autonomy we work and advise in all areas of the music industry, and like to think we can give you constructive advice on pathways for your career and campaign. In simple terms : we do everything a good label would do, and more. We devise strategies, build teams and execute campaigns around artists and their music.


We would like to think our approach to creative sets us apart from the traditional campaign devisers. We have an internal team based both here in the UK and in Canada that can produce all the creative elements . And we also work alongside some of the industry’s leading designers, video production and other creative agencies. Our aim is to always  to create unique and high quality visual assets to suit the projects and the budgets.


One of the benefits of having a full address book is being able to call on some of the best producers, writers, session players and great musical minds in the industry. We have worked successfully in the A&R sector for a number of years. Our aim is always to create the best recordings for our artists – whether that’s single songs or albums. At the heart of every piece of music is the artist, but we are always very aware of the current market, the media, and the potential audience.


The digital landscape is a fast paced and ever changing world which presents an astonishing array of opportunities for bands, producers and record labels. Autonomy’s Digital team have a wealth of experience in understanding an artist or label’s audience. We craft highly impactful digital campaigns to grow and effectively engage with online communities to meet specific targets. Our bespoke digital services include Social Media Campaign Management, Online/Social Paid Advertising and Online Branding. We ensure all online platforms are consistent with your look and to make sure you stand out from the crowd.


Not only do we get your record ready for the market, we can also distribute it to retail and streaming services through our long-standing partnership with Believe. We work with them closely to deliver a totally transparent and truly global distribution facility to ensure your music is available in all the right places both digitally online and physically. Our direct relationship enables us to co-ordinate your release strategy to help pitch and secure store features and playlist additions on streaming services. We can also facilitate the release of video content to be monetised through YouTube as a verified partner and if required, setup and release your content through the VEVO platform.


We work with many of the best agents and promoters in the UK and US and have established our relationships with them over many years. We help create a coherent and cost-effective live strategy, which includes building the right teams around the right artists. As well as this, through our joint-venture with Propaganda; Propaganda Records gives us the opportunity to tap into an audience of thousands of music lovers on a live capacity.